Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Unique iPhone Speakers: Up to 10 decibels

Unique iPhone Speakers - Speakers are available for the iPhone style. With passive amplifier technology, will enhance the audio output at the iPhone about 13 decibels.

1. Phonofone III (U.S. $ 195)
Passive amplifier made ​​of ceramic, look trendy.

2. Koostik (U.S. $ 85)
Speaker natural, made ​​from solid wood blocks.

3. Tembo Trunks (U.S. $ 39)
Used in iPhone earphone slot. According to the traveler.

4. Bone Collection Horn Stand (U.S. $ 24.95)
The color green like Shrek, provide audio output of 13 decibels. Used in landscape and portrait positions.

5. Griffin AirCurve Play (U.S. $ 19.99)
Speakers with transparent design style.