Friday, April 1, 2011

Two Tablets from Lenovo, LePad and LePhone, ready to be launched.

Lenovo LePad

Lenovo does not seem to be missing an opportunity to enter the tablet market and willing to follow other big manufacturers such as AppleSamsung, Motorola, which have been first launched their Tablet. Once available in China a few days ago, Lenovo Tablet LePad ready to launch further.

Apparently, Lenovo Mobile is not forgetting the great potential possessed by the market share of Tablet lately. No half-hearted, besides LePadLenovo also will be bringing LePhone smartphone to be launched.

LePhone will go in the second quarter of this year.It's just to LePad may take longer, but promised tobe present before 2011 ends. LePhone Android smart phone is equipped with 3.7 inch screendesigned lonkong at the top and bottom sides.

While Android LePad a 10.1-inch tablets that are still running the Android Froyo (not optimal for the tablet) as well as on the Samsung Galaxy Tab.Tablet LePad also supports hybrid that can displaythe Windows operating system when coupled with the docking and special keyboard U1.