Monday, April 18, 2011

Samsung will release a Samsung smartphone with dual-core 2GHz for 2012

The development of the processor into one of the interesting and awaited the smart phone devicesLike Samsung's, which reportedly will release a smart phone with dual core 2GHz processor, if it really happened, then Samsung will be the first company to release the mobile phone.

Previously, Samsung has already released Samsung Galaxy S II with 1.2GHz processor. The cell phone is the successor to Samsung's previous Galaxy.

A Samsung official, quoted by Daum, said Samsung is sure to release a mobile phone withDual Core 2 GHz in the next year. But no further explanation from the mobile phone will run with anyOS. But it probably still will use the Android OS.

What is interesting is that it will bring the speed ofthe processor-level desktop PC, or a decent laptop for the cell phone. This will also allow tocompete with products based on quad-core CPU1GHz new Nvidia.

Also reported this processor may be sold separately, so that it can be used by others. LikeApple, which is expected to use the processor forthe Apple 6.

Source: Daum