Saturday, April 16, 2011

Samsung Link, the cheapest sliding QWERTY phone, now present in Canada just for 110 without any contract.

A cheap sliding QWERTY phone will be coming soon to the Canadian market. The cell phone will be carried by Fido. This phone has a T9 keypad and sliding QWERTY keyboard as well, so the phone can be regarded as the cheapest sliding-QWERTY keyboard mobile phone today.

This phone looks as smart phones or even mobile phones with large touch screen. However, the mobile phone is cheap and affordable to the use of textparticularly once. So, for those who want to try the use of text as a whole, they can try.

Unfortunately like other cheap phones, this phone only has a standard specification, such as the 1.3MP camera with video recording capability, MP3 player, Bluetooth, 50MB internal memory, which can be supported with a microSD card slot, the screen is 240 × 320, and two different keypad . Its dimensions 114x53x15 mm, and weighs 112grams.

This phone will be offered by Fido for only 110, acheap enough price for a phone with sliding QWERTY, without any agreement. However, if agreed to perform the agreement of a 2-year contract, this phone can be obtained for only 10.

Source: Fido