Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Samsung Galaxy SII down prices in the UK, now just below 500

As previously known, Samsung Galaxy SII, whichhas a 1.2 GHz processor dual-core is a phone thatis compatible with HTC Sensation. However,Samsung's 1.2 Ghz Dual-core is still unclear wherein the UK will be sold.

In the UK mobile phone from Samsung's super, theprevious will be sold by pre-order and in the offerprice of 528. But in the end Samsung Super 2011has lowered the price, to less than 500. It iscertainly rather encouraging when compared to the previous price.

Unclocked Mobile phone has lowered the price ofthis phone to be 497.98 including VAT, and addshipping charges of 5.99, which is claimed is thecheapest price for the device

It may be caused, as quoted by Eurodroid, by theconsequences of the Samsung has a slightlydropped the 'cost' price for the Galaxy S II (aka theasking price from the retailer. So there is hope towait for this to be good enough price to competewith the price of its competitors, including Apple,who will issue a new device.