Monday, April 18, 2011

Samsung Galaxy S II appeared in a TV commercial, showing that the phone maybe not waterproof.

Not to mention the release, which is expected by the end of this month, Samsung Galaxy SII first appeared in a TV commercial. The phone is planned to be available in the market in early May.

In commercial advertising it, this phone is shownon clear appearance "too realistic" images fromscreen Galaxy S II (4.3 inch, WVGA, AMOLEDSuper Plus). Unfortunately not focus on the Operation System, Android 2.3 OS, and also on the fast processor, dual core Nvidia Tegra.

Samsung had indicated that the image is sorealistic that you (well, if you will a small course) might think the fish seen on the phone screen isreal, and you may feel the need to dispose of the handset on the other side of aquarium fish. Ofcourse you would not do that, but, just in case,Samsung reminds us that the Galaxy S II "does nothold water", and the water can damage yourphone.

Via: SamsungHub