Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Nokia c6-02, a new mobile phone with Dual SIM S40 and touch-typing, revealed.

After the release of Nokia Type and touch some last months, this time Nokia is reportedly releasing a phone with Touch and Type Method as well. The phone is rumored to be using Dual SIM, which runs concurrently and S40 Operating System like some other lower-class phones.

The cell phone will be called Nokia C6-02, which it will bring some featuressuch as a resistive touchscreen (probably QVGAand, when closed, looks a lot like a C5-03 (or C5-04 - the same thing). When you open it, you find the standard alphanumeric keypad. In the back there is a 2MP camera.

Nokia C3-01 Unlocked Touch and Type GSM Phone--U.S. Version with Warranty (Warm Gray)What's interesting about this phone is a Dual SIM, which has a running time, beside of Touch and typing method, which was newly developed by Nokia.

Unfortunately, the phone does not support Wifi, and do not have a 3G network. The phone was first discovered in a somewhere place in India. So likely this phone will be launched soon there, although still unknown certainty of the time.

Via: Phone Arena