Wednesday, April 20, 2011

IFixit been dissected BlackBerry Playbook

Just a few days launched in the US, and Canadian markets, Blackberry Playbook has been dissected further. There is a team from iFixit, which was already well known team in the shuffle through the latest gadgets, which first is dissected the RIM-made tablet to review more in particularly on the inside of the hardware.

According to iFit, there is cost expensive and difficult to change their devices/ damaged partsFor example: the front camera, rear camera, and the control over all installed in one board assemblies, so that when the power button is damaged or defective volume button should be replaced in its entirety.

In addition, also reported that RIM chose to use a magnesium frame around the glass LCD screen which increases durability (more resilient). The LCD screen is not directly attached to the glass so it can be replaced easily when one of them damaged.

In addition, there are many still images that can be seen to know the 16 steps to disassemble of the BlackBerry Playbook along with whatever tools are needed. So just visit the official website.

Via: BGR