Friday, April 15, 2011

HTC Mazza revealed, the first WP7mobile phone from HTC with Dual network, GSM and CDMA

It seems that using a mobile phone WP7 will also be attractive for producers to attract potential buyers to them. Some time ago revealed WP7phones from Nokia, now a WP7 mobile phone from HTC also appears, the cell phone is the HTC Mazza.

The phone is reportedly heading for Sprint in the United States to launch. Phones that have a code name Mazza, probably could have been sold under another name. This phone will be available at Sprint is estimated about 6 months again and will have DDR2 memory.

The Mazaa has a single LED flash, and touch screen that looks like it is about 3.7 inches in diagonal size, which may mean that this will only be's version of the HTC Sprint Trophy.

The possibility of this phone will have two radio networks as well as CDMA, and GSM. CDMA network of this phone runs on Sprint's networkwhile the GSM network to be used outside the United States, therefore this phone is the first WP7 phones that use dual network. The mobile phones may be able to attract the hearts of prospective buyers. So, just wait its development.

Source: XDA-developers