Tuesday, April 19, 2011

HP Veer will go to Germany, via O2 Germany in June

HP Veer will be available in Germany in June next,although reported earlier this phone will arrive in May. To note, this phone is a phone small enough,and a bit too small for the human body.

This phone will be taken by O2 Germany, which has been confirmed will make it available in JuneIt is still not clear, or detailed information will come out at the end, or beginning of the month, or the middle of the month.

However, this phone can be seen from the operator's official site. and operators will reserveVeer for you, while also (obviously) send your email instantly becomes available and you can buy it. You can choose how many days will be saved to your handset, so maybe even if you do not have time to take it on the first day, you will still be able to get it later.

This phone will use the actual physical-
sliding QWERTY keyboar, even without using a large touchscreen. So this phone can be obtained in about two months, if we go to Germany for it.

Source: 3 Germany