Friday, April 29, 2011

Google sued over Data Recording Device Location on Android

A lawsuit filed by two Michigan women, the United States to the Google-related data collected from the Android device made ​​by Google. This lawsuit occurred about one week after the emergence ofthe Apple class-action lawsuit over the case ofdata recording the location on the device the iPhone is made​​.

The lawsuit was filed yesterday in District Court,Detroit by Julie Brown and Kayla Molaski. They filed a class-action status for this lawsuit because, according to deed record the location of their lawyers Android users will make users vulnerable to privacy violations, including stalking. Lawsuit against Google is demanding that Google stopselling phones that have software that can track the user's location. Top Google works so far they are also demanding compensation of 50 milliondollars.

Google before it admitted having collected the GPS location information such as location, date,address of the nearest wifi network, and device IDof the Android devices that exist today. However, Google claims that this act was not intended to keep track of someone special. Users can turn offthe GPS feature, but users will not be able to obtain maximum functionality of location-based services and map provided on the device.

Google up to this news has not made ​​comment on the existence of this lawsuit.

Via CNet