Friday, April 22, 2011

Google Offers Now Beta | After Groupon Refuse

Google, the long-awaited answer to the company went live Groupon beta program in Portland, Oregon.
Google promises "to reduce by 50% or more places you love"is the login page and has six locations - Portland, Oakland, Calif. / East Bay and San Francisco and New York City Midtown, and Uptown. So far, only Portland is a beta version offers, but there are no deals available.
Google Offers
The program has been running for at least January, when Mashable took a leaflet service. This document's appearance and hard work like Google and offers Groupon social living, or send an e-mail users in the local supply of day. Consumers have to act in a certain time (probably 24 hours) of the company.

Google offers will come when the company is known for trying to buy a $ Groupon six billionth Groupon rejected the offer and is preparing an IPO, which may be as much as 25 billion dollars.