Saturday, April 16, 2011

Google introduced two new features to Gmail

Google has just introduced two new features to Gmail that previously tested at Google Labs. Both of these features contain one thing in common is Bob.

The first feature is called 'Do not forget Bob'. With this feature, Google will give advice if someone sends an email to several people who thought ishis equal. For example, if someone named Ringo send an email to Paul and George, then the likelihood would be well advised to also send to John.

The second feature also contains Bob, which is intended to avoid transmission errors that are similar to the name. If a person has two or more contacts that may be similar or same name, then Gmail will ask you before sending if it is true that this is the person referred to, for example, Boband not the other Bob?

Both of these features will be launched in stages to Gmail within the next few days.

Via Techradar