Monday, April 18, 2011

The excess of capacity of Android than Apple-made phone.

Now the domain of smart phones is controlled by three major mobile OS, that is IOS, Android, and BlackBerry. Among these three there are two competing strictly on the touch screen phone model, who else but Android phone and iPhone.While the debate about which is better mobile phone would never-ending when discussing both these mobile OS, now Jared Spurbeck (contributors Yahoo news) gave his view about what the Android can not be carried out Apple, here's why:
Android comes with a variety of shapes and sizes
Do not like the design of the iPhone? Too bad you would not want to receive these designs. Unlike Android phone that has a lot of models, specifications, and the screen size of different bags that can be tailored to the needs of consumers (including the existence of Android phones with physical QWERTY keyboard).
Running a PlayStation game
Although IOS win with a lot number of applications as well as interesting. Android also do not want to lose dimobile gaming, especially with the Xperia Play, the first Android phone certified PlayStation.Lots of interesting games that can be played by connecting to the PlayStation Network, offers a special Android mobile phone games PlayStation certified.
Buy applications from AmazonUnlike the IOS, which are well known, Amazon also has its own applications on Android, making more and more choices that can be downloaded free applications. Even so the average application berbayarnya only priced $ 4.99
Various other things
As an example, the iPhone does not support text reflow, which is a feature Android to zoom in the text in a web site that already fit on the screen. IOS also does not support widgets on the main display which can provide more pengelaman to mobile users without having to open the application.
The conclusion may be practically as follows, the iPhone has many applications and design the best mobile phone, making it can be selling well despite having only one screen size and limited models.While Apple's Android comes to fill shortages with more open source code (open source), makes a lot of manufacturers are interested in and produce all Android phones. This is the basis for the development of Android which so rapidly and has features that do not exist in the iPhone.

Source: YahooNews