Monday, April 18, 2011

comparison of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, thinner version VS iPad 2 appeared in a video

The two vendors, both Apple and Samsung, it seems that both are preparing for the race to enter the segment of the tablet. Evidently they have launched their respective artificial Tablets, AppleiPad 2. Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. TabetSamsung is likely to rival the iPad 2, South Korean electronics manufacturer has also lowered the specifications of the initial version of the GalaxyTab 10.1 8MP camera equipped with thicker and design and a different back cover (the original version of Vodafone will be released exclusively inEurope).

Galaxy Tab 1.10 reportedly began to enter the in early June with the official price of $ 499 for WiFi 16GB model. Interestingly offered with the exact same price with the iPad 2. So there is a possibility tablets Galaxy Tab 10.1 is a strong competitor Apple tablet.

Recently, the gadget sites from Vietnam are notorious for leaking a prototype gadget has a short demo showing the use of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 new version with a thinner design of the IPAD (8.6mm vs. 8.8mm).

A short video is at least trying to prove the thinness as well dual core CPU speed Tegra 2 in theGalaxy Tab 10.1. Visible tablets demonstrated that also run the original version of Android 3.0 that have not been customized. Still uncertain whether the final user interface will remain that way or not.One more thing that is still in question, not yet known whether there is an impact on battery performance is related to thin tablets Samsung

via: Engadget