Friday, April 1, 2011

The cheap version of iPhone will make Apple dominate the market of smart phones.

A survey conducted recently shows Apple's plan to take the smart phone market share in China. This is because the iPhone has become the most popular option as the most desirable 3G handsetfor the next phone.

The survey results released by Morgan Stanley and Alphawise, suggesting that enthusiasts 3G handsets and smart phones began to increase in China with nearly 90% of respondents said it was interested in buying a 3G mobile phone or smart phone.

With so
 many brands of smart phones, is the most preferred is the Apple iPhone with a total of 30% of respondents, followed by the brand Nokia (25%)HTC (7%), Samsung (5%), and Motorola (4%). The survey also found that if Apple lowered the price ofthe iPhone with a cheaper option, it could be Apple controls 53% market share in China's 3G mobile phone, leaving Nokia to be 20% and BlackBerry with only 5%.

Apple is known only made ​​1 model from each generation iPhone, the maximum difference is only with GSM / CDMA.
 When viewing the result of this survey, it looks like Apple really tempted to make a cheap version of the iPhone as it has been much rumored lately.

Source: Appleinsider