Friday, April 1, 2011

BlackBerry Playbook is estimated that it will not bring installed E-mail when its release.

A less friendly news comes ahead of the launch of the BlackBerry Playbook recently. The news comes from a document Verizon, which announced that the BlackBerry Playbook tablets to be launched next month will not have a default email support. In fact, RIM's first tablet is only goingto get after the next update.

According to the document, the default e-mail,calendar, and contacts application for customers to follow there. It is an excuse RIM due to the loss of this support is not intentional. RIM was not able to timely prepare these features at the time of its release. Canadian companies also consider it impossible to wait any longer to the public launch of the BlackBerry Playbook.

The email form feature many parties felt important enough, the article of this feature that makes the BlackBerry can grow and is known as now. The professionals and businessmen have been many who rely on email for communication services on BlackBerry devices. RIM BlackBerry Playbook decision on this could be an indication that RIM is inevitably have to sacrifice some features in the Playbook for Facebook to glide on 19 April.

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Still, this does not mean tablet BlackBerry Playbook completely independent of email support. RIM offers two alternatives for him, first through the features of BlackBerry Bridge, where users can connect your BlackBerry phone to the Playbook to access emails on the device with a larger screen. Both users can access their email account via the BlackBerry web browser Playbook.

Is this a reason for you to delay or even not buy a BlackBerry Playbook? Or is there another reasonBlackBerry Playbook sale with prices starting at $ 499, same as the cheapest version of the iPad 2.

Source: ibitimes