Sunday, April 3, 2011

Bell Canada lowered the price of the Samsung Galaxy Tab to $ 399.95 without a contract, and $ 199.95 with a contract.

The prices of Samsung Galaxy Tab experiencing declining trend, particularly in North America. Thisalso has affected to the carrier, which go down the price of the device. However, maybe they still will see the response from the market towards this trend.

As with Bell Canada which will also be planning to lower the price of these devices than the previous price. On the other hand, the U.S. Sprint also has lowered the price of this device. Bell will offer the device with a price of $ 399.95 without any contractInterestingly, Bell is quite down this price pretty much, when compared with the previous price when it was released by them, which amounted to $ 649.95, in November and also without a contract.

In addition, Bell also offers a device with a 3-year contract. This device can be obtained by price $199.95. So there are several options to get it. Thismay be influenced also by news of the launch plan for this device with Android 3.0 a few months away. This device can be obtained via the official website of Bell.

Source: Bell Canada