Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Apple sued Samsung for plagiarism on the iPhone and iPad for Samsung Galaxy series

Some time ago Apple reported has filed a law suit against Samsung related to patent and trademark infringement by Samsung in the ranks of both the Galaxy series phones and tablet form. The lawsuit was filed in Northern California District Court on charges of patent and trademark violations, including unfair competition. In this lawsuit Apple is demanding compensation and a penalty other than a statement that the violations committed by this was done deliberately.
Apple representatives said that the current range of Samsung products are made deliberately so that it has a lot of resemblance to the iPhone and iPad. These similarities exist in the form of hardware to the user interface and even packaging. Outright plagiarism, according to Apple representative was wrong and Apple needs to make protection of intellectual property rights owned when other companies stealing ideas he had.
Registration of Apple's long suit is filled with examples of plagiarism claims from technology fitted to the icon screen and hardware form. Apple indicates that Samsung in particular violating their patents in 2009 and 2010 which includes the physical design of the iPhone along with some trademark applications over the various icons in it.
In addition to claims of patent and trademark infringement, Aplle also accused of violations in terms of 'clothes sale' of the iPhone and iPad, because the package is really like. Apple filed the lawsuit was started from an icon on the screen until a way of packaging Galaxy phone package that violate Apple's design.
Samsung Tablet Tab Galaxy is also said to trace raw combination of several elements of the Apple Product Configuration Trade Dress. Apple notes that this Samsung tablet using a rectangular design similar to Apple products, including rounded corners, edges black, and various icons installed. In addition to simple words, the lawsuit Apple also features pictures that shows a comparison of Apple products by Samsung and its resemblance between them.

Via: mobilized