Friday, April 22, 2011

Apple Sends A5-4S Powered iPhone For Game Developers

Apple has reported that when the game app developers, a prototype iPhone models of super-fast processor A5 driven, according to a source who spoke to 9to5Mac. A5, which is downloaded iPad 2, is expected to be a part of the iPhone upgrade to 5.

According to the rumor, the anonymous source of iPhone units for developers "seems almost identical to the" iPhone-4 says 9to5Mac. The similarity is so striking, in fact, that "no one can tell, the iPhone is not on four phone outside." Therefore, the developers apparently the unit nicknamed the "iPhone 4S."

iPhone 4S
 As we have already heard several times before, the iPhone is not expected to get five major re-design of the iPhone 4, but opt ​​for the internal diversity, which includes outsourcing the A4 quickly to renew a younger brother.

This does not mean that the phone gives the iPhone developer 5 - it's not likely. However, the iPhone is to be considered because both offices are safe in the night to prevent theft (or possibly the second as the fiasco of last year, the loss of the "stolen" iPhone 4).

The risk of feeding of the prototype is worth the risk, Apple, because a company can take advantage of next generation mobile gaming can participate faculties. Some of the A5, the increased computing power is a significant increase in gaming performance over the A4. Therefore, this Apple developers who "obviously a high-level gaming outfits," is hard at work.

A recent report, Apple has the mobile operating system IOS has become increasingly popular gaming platform. In 2009, Apple captured 19 percent of the mobile games market. The following year, the IOS and the Google Android OS 34 percent market share, significantly better than the Nintendo DS is cut.

In addition to the A5 processor upgrade, the iPhone is expected to include five 8-megapixel camera (up to 5 megapixel iPhone-4), and it is available, to suggest to 64 GB of internal memory, twice the maximum size of the iPhone on 4 reviews out that the next generation of the iPhone will ship in September.