Sunday, April 3, 2011

Apple iPod Nano 7 will be equipped with a camera

A discovery component in Taiwan have recently showed that the seventh-generation iPod nano is likely to use the camera again. The component parts are found this indicates an electronic boardof the iPod are now in circulation but no perforation in the corner of the match to be fitted on the back of the camera lens. Several other changes were also seen including the possibility of change incolor because of its metal alloys look the othercolor.

Apple iPod nano never produced a length and avideo camera recorders. But this camera is theneliminated in the newer versions. The reason forthe removal of this camera because the size of theiPod nano is expected to be larger and reduces battery life.

Not yet known whether this camera installation plan will be realized, including the possibility of adding features so that camera can record images and video. Apple is also known to alter or cancel product though it was in the final design stage, a shappened in the third-generation iPod touch products with a camera that ultimately was never released.The new generation iPod nano are expected toslide in September. At that time, Apple is usually held and mobile music themed event to launch a product. Just wait.

Via Electronista