Thursday, April 21, 2011

Apple iPhone 5 will be produced in July, and delivered in September

Rumors about the iPhone 5 is always changing, it's natural because Apple still has not officially announced the information on these new smartphones. This time Reuters preaching has gotthree direct sources from within Apple's supply chain.

The good news is said to iPhone 5 to start production in July / August with an estimated time of closest release in September this year. So for those who got disappointed because 
iPhone 5 was rumored that it will come in 2012, seemed to hold the money first to buy Apple's latest generation of mobile phones is, unfortunately, there is still no definite information on the specification that will be used.

Some speculation about  features and design of 
iPhone 5, which has been circulating is the A5 dual core processor (same as used in the IPAD 2),8MP camera, larger screen, 64GB capacity,support GSM + CDMA, or have the same designas of the iPhone 4.

iPhone was first introduced in 2007 and features a touch screen and on-demand application template now been adopted as a standard on smartphones.

Via: unwiredview