Friday, March 4, 2011

T-Mobile and Orange will provide the iPad 2 in the UK.

Not to be lost from our memories about the launch of the iPad 2 some time ago. Now, the news has emerged that preached that iPad 2 will soon be available at T-Mobile and Orange in the UK.

Unfortunately, T-Mobile and Orange did not mention more specific launch date and price will be offeredBut according to a source, they reportedly will provide it at the end of this month, probably around March 25 instead of March 11, which is the date of launch of Apple iPad 2 in the US.

As it is known, Tablet features a thin design, has abrand new A5 dual-core processors, and two cameras, front and rear. The iPad 2 will be available in two color versions: black and white. The tablet is running IOS 4.3, the newly announced simultaneously with the launch of the iPhone 2 and offers enhanced performance of Safari, iTunes sharing a house, and enhancements played.

Source: Orange twitter.