Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Some Interesting Facts about FaceBook

FaceBook these days is truly phenomenal, It has managed to beat several leading sites and even beating Yahoo in accessing it. Did in fact there are many interesting facts about faceBook.

Here are the interesting facts of FaceBook:

-1 of 13 people in the world now has a Facebook account.
-More than half of whom log in every day.
-2% of all searches on Google in 2010 andcontains the word up.
-4 February 2004 is the date when MarkZuckerberg launched Facebook when he was a student at Harvard University.
The average 8-friend requests submitted by a userup each month.
-Mark Zuckerberg has a 24% stake in Facebook.One of the other shareholders are Microsoft withthe amount of 1.3%.
-25% after the company reportedly rejectedapplicants investigate their Facebook profile.
-27% of the users up does not display the status oftheir relationship
-42% of men and 63% of women claimed to useup to find a former lover.
-up is translated in 76 languages.
User-up of the oldest 104 years old. She is LillianLowe who came from Wales.
-The average Facebook user has 130 friends.
-up employs 1700 employees in 12 countries.
A total of 66 168-tagged photos on Facebookevery minute.
-2.176 Million private message sent via up every20 minutes.
-35 million people every day to change his Facebook status.
-38 million Facebook users visit the page 'TexasHoldem Poker' every month.
-up estimates is worth 32 billion pounds.

Source: DaillyMail and other sources