Monday, March 7, 2011

Smartphone and NetBook position will be shifted by a Tablet.

The Tablet phenomenon now truly extraordinary, it seems to be marked by the emergence of several tablets from both phone and computer manufacturers. Noted there have been several computer makers have come in the flying businesses is promising this Tablet predicted.

According to Frost & Sullivan research institute in the latest report, in 2011 these types and different brands of tablets more and more that is expected to reach nearly 100 new tablet. In addition, tablet sales growth was increasingly felt until early this 2011. Recorded about 18.3 million tablets were sold last year and the iPad has the largest market share of  90%. 

There are several contributing factors that support the rapid growth of the market share of today's Tablet, among others:

  • Access (broadband) better: where now a new broadband wireless penetration reached 17 percent in 2010
  • Price: with massive production iPad competitors such as Samsung Tab, HP, Blackberry, Acer, are expected to become cheaper price tablet. Currently iPad tablet is still considered a premium price. While in the low-end Acer could be obtained with middle price.
  • Support the service: namely in the form of bundling.
  • A cheap Internet rates
  • Social networking: the rampant use of Facebook and Twitter also indirectly encourage the market of smartphones and tablet PCs. So, the existence of the tablet is not only threatening phone only, but also a netbook that is much coveted by consumers as an alternative to notebooks.

Source: Frost & Sullivan