Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sales of the Apple iPad 2 close to 1 million units by the end of last week.

A fairly surprising news came from the launch of the Apple iPad 2. Based on a survey of Munster, the device is reportedly sold out sold out in shops with only 30% of buyers are first-generation owner of the iPad. As a result there have been long queues of prospective buyers at the launch of the Apple iPad 2 on Friday last.
According to the analysts, the second generation of Apple's tablet is expected to be sold close to 1 million units in its first weekend. A somewhat fantastic figure in history and this figure surpassed the achievement of sales iPad's first generation sold 1 million units within 28 days.
One of the reasons there is great growth rate, apparently caused by a massive purchase of this 2 IPAD by international resellers. These large buyers buy iPad 2 as much as possible and then shipped overseas. 

In fact, the resellers in Hong Kong have to order up to 200 units iPad 2 before the launch and set up eight courier agent in New York, Chicago, San Francisco and Los Angeles to purchase iPad  by queue 2 in the shops. The result of this purchase and then sent back to Hong Kong where iPad 2 will sell higher to $ 1,025 for a basic model up to 16GB Wi-Fi for $ 1,525 for the 64GB model Wi-Fi/3G. Some resellers of Russia also reportedly doing similar things. They sent up to 8 people who queued to buy iPad 2 at the Apple store in New York.

Via: Reuters, MacRumors