Monday, March 7, 2011

RIM is preparing Blackberry OS 7, the successor of the Blackberry OS 6, with fiture QNX.

The vigorous popping up various latest OS with many advantages such as IOS, WP 7, Bada, andAndroid, it seems to grip the rim. RIM is reportedly preparing a new OS, BlackBerry 7 as thesuccessor to the BlackBerry 6. RIM made the OS is expected to be present at this year as well.

Thus, the Canadian companies are finally making changes to prepare tablets BlackBerry Playbookwhich uses the QNX OS or the OS that is more designed for touch-screen interface.

Looks like this new OS will be enjoyed after the launch of the Blackberry Playbook in April. So, still have to be patient until this Blackberry enjoyed the users. In addition, specifications are also not revealed the details now.

It may be that this OS is a RIM's strategy to rejuvenate the existing their OS.

Via: Mobile Wwhak