Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Nokia seems interested in entering the world of Tablet, filed two patents from the Design Tablet.

Nokia is actually not a new player in the arena of competition of Tablet. Evidently, Nokia has been planning the Nokia Z500. Now, Nokia seems to plan again to tap into the touch-screen tablet, can be seen from the discovery of two filing of Nokia patents issued by USPTO. The two design patentstablet has a thin design, full touch screen, and seen many sharp angles.

The first patent design similar to Nokia's Symbian phones N8 and E7, while the second patent designsimilar to the conventional tablet design with a form of U. Seen both the design patent has a pair of USB ports, as well as card reader, audio jacksand the possibility of an HDMI video out

Filing of this patent does not mean a sign that Nokia is bound to produce the second tablet, canonly show the Nokia is trying to further explore the tablets, especially after the launch of the iPad recently.

Via: electronista