Tuesday, March 22, 2011

LG G2X present in the boot of LG In the event the CTIA 2011.

CTIA event starts today in Orlando Florida local time. Some famous brands of mobile phones hastaken place in the event that was held yearly. Like the LG, which also took part in the event.

LG will release the U.S. version of the smart phone world's first dual-core (Optimus 2X) called with LG G2X. There were photos of the LG booth at theevent. Unfortunately not much can be reportedbecause it is the process of assembling the stand.Seen a few names of other LG products are likelyto be released, among others, such as LG G-Slate3D, 3D Optimus LG, and anothe LG product that enabled 4G.

Still, there are no news about the launch of this phone, but it looks like LG will soon announced. Therefore, it is still not any information about the details and differences between this phone and LG 2x Optimus, which was launched in Korea recently.

Via: Engadget.