Wednesday, March 16, 2011

HTC Pyramid, walking with Android 3.0, Prime and Ignite, the WP7 phones, revealed, .

Return to the Month February, when HTC is preparing its first Android superphone that will run dual-core processor named code Pyramid. This time it seems HTC has actually carry it out. XDA.cnChinese origin have revealed an appearance of an image that can strengthen this news with theappearance of the HTC phones these Pyramid.

According to sources, the HTC Pyramid will use4.3-inch touch screen, QHD resolution 540x960,768MB RAM, dual camera (8MP and 1.3MP), and1.2GHz processors. Interestingly this phone will run Android also reported Honeycomb 3.0 that should have been optimized for the tablet.

Meanwhile, Prime HTC has a QWERTY-slider, has a screen 3.7 "WVGA combo, backed with a 5MP camera with LED flash and 512MB RAM.

On the other hand, HTC Pyramid will use 4.3-inchtouch screen, QHD resolution 540x960, 768MB RAM, dual camera (8MP and 1.3MP), and 1.2GHz processors. Interestingly this phone will run Android also reported Honeycomb 3.0 that should have been optimized for the tablet.

Looks like HTC Pyramid will be one of the first Ice Cream's Android phone this year. Meanwhilethe OS that will run on HTC's Pyramid, likely will be revealed at CTIA event .next week.

But for the two mobile phone based oni WP 7 is still not there are any piece of info about its release date and price for sure,