Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A device that is believed to be Apple iPad two appeared on a Chinese website.

A view of device that in the estimate Apple iPad 2appeared recently at a page from which China , DGtle. That may indicate that Apple ipad will soon be announced. In these sites predicted there are many displayed images that is very similar to Apple iPad, and chances are the images that are indeed iPad 2.

The design of this mockup if is true, it means design which is very close, in addition, it is thinner and more tapered in design than the first Ipad design. There is also a larger speaker on its right side, which is assumed to enhance the sound of iPad.

There are also front and rear cameras, volume and mute buttons on the opposite, there is also suspected as a slot slot infrared, which allows to deal with electronic appliances or TV.
There is also a white strip that might indicate a 3G's antenna.

Meanwhile, there are also some great pictures of this type that appears on Flikr, there an information that is being revealed today.

Via: tecnabob, MIC Gadgets
Source: DGtle