Friday, March 4, 2011

Blackberry Playbook will be available in the US starting late March, then to Europe in Q2 this year.

News about the emergence of BlackBerry sounding more and more, and it is a sign that the tablets made from RIM will soon arrive. This time a new news re-emerged, claiming that this  Blakberry Playbook will soon be landed around 10 April.

This news is a bit late considering earlier thisTablet will appear in Q1 this year. But there is amore reliable confirmation from the head of the British RIM, Steve Bates, who told Pocket-lint, that these tablets will still be coming in Q1 of this year to the U.S. while one quarter will expire at the end of this month, so it is possible This Tablets will soon be released in the US. Butstill not sure whether this tablet will be available in large quantities or not.

Bites adds that these  tablets will be available in Europe starting 1st quarter of this year, with Britain became one of the first countries in Europe that will get the first tablet RIM. That may mean that the Playbook will be sold in the UK since April, but it is also uncertain.

So just wait developments regarding the launch of the BlackBerry this certainty

Via: Pocket-lint