Friday, March 4, 2011

BlackBerry Messenger will be available at Android and the iOS.

Quite shocking news came from the BlackBerry Messenger. As reported by the BGR that RIM willmake the service flatform Instant messenger to another. BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) will be available for Android devices and IOS.

This service may be provided free of charge orrequire a lump sum fee for this service. But, according to a source of BGR, other than the BlackBerry device perhaps still not able to send files, pictures, or information site, but this service seems to have been very eagerly awaited by users of non-BlackBerry handsets. Reportedly users who want to enjoy the real fuel services still have to use your BlackBerry phone.

According to a survey conducted in November and then with the question: whether the presence of fuelin other platforms is a good idea? Of the 23,000 people of which 56% answered yes, while 38said the opposite. So, it can be expected that many who agree with this, but until now RIM is still not confirmed about this rumor.

However, Is this a good move or bad for RIM by removing the exclusivity of fuel? RIM did not staysilent and quite frantic with similar third-party applications such as Whats App and Kik that offers instant messaging experience with concepts such as the RIM has created.

Via: BGR