Friday, February 11, 2011

The Smaller iPhone Prepared by Apple with a more affordable price.

The news about Apple is return blow, this time Bloomberg reported that the Apple's company is planning to develop a new model iPhone is prepared to fight the forces of Android.

The news was obtained from people following a briefing on this plan. The source also mentioned that one of the models are smaller and cheaper than the current model is only $ 200 without a contract, or free if the bond contracts.

According to Bloomberg's sources, the prototype of this model already exists. The size is approximately 1 / 3 times smaller than the iPhone 4 and will use the same components as the iPhone that already exist today.

Although Apple is planning to introduce such devices around the middle of this year (2011), but this plan could be postponed or canceled because Apple sometimes makes a product that was then not be released.

                                                                             iphone 4 CDMA

Source Bloomberg also said that Apple also is developing technologies that facilitate the iPhone is used in various wireless networks. IPhone model that can operate on GSM and CDMA networks are in fact not surprising because it has a Qualcomm chip that was planted in four CDMA iPhone has just been released.

Via: Bloomberg