Monday, February 28, 2011

A MeeGo device of Nokia, called Nokia N950, will be coming soon this year.

A Meego device from Nokia is almost certain to near certainty, launched this year. Nokia seems still committed to their  MeeGo project, proved to be the release of the Nokia N950 which is the successor of the Nokia N900.

Nokia Developer Day recently featured in a live video, Nokia's CTO Rich Green, who spoke at length about the future of 
Nokia's flatform recently, including MeeGo. He added they will issue a Nokia N950 with attractive hardware.

Unfortunately Nokia does not introduce new devices in the MWC 2011, however, it will launch the Nokia N950,  replace the Nokia N9 which may be canceled.

In addition, Green convinced that Nokia is a device with a full flatform, and he said, "we'll see how that goes. "

Nokia may have a strategy for the Symbian and MeeGo in Q2 of this year by pushing JavaS40. Ovi S40 will get a new browser that aims to bring mobile Internet connectivity to hundreds of millions of people.

Source Nokia Developer Day