Monday, February 21, 2011

iPad 2 possibilities using Peak Light Port, a hybrid connector ligh peak.

An apparition Apple 2 prove that the Apple iPad 2 could become the first tablet that has a Light Peak harbors. With these appearances indicate that what was originally interpreted as the Mini DisplayPort or a USB connection is in fact a hybrid USB 3.0 socket. MacRumors has led to speculation that, highlight the USB port-sized mysteries, which looks closely at the case of the emergence of the iPad 2 and connector Light Peak hybrid prototypes have been used.

According to a report of PC Pro in mid 2010, that the team of developers from Intel Light Peak have been using a hybrid connector that allows for not only new high-speed technology, but also compatibility with USB ports along with the power supply. In addition, the plug is modified not certified by USB-IF at the time.

It turns out, Apple's interest in the Light Peak has been established with a number of patents around the technology, including optical data embedding system in the MagSafe connector. On the other hand, the MacBook Pro will immediately update that may replace one or more ports that are in Light Peak. Goods times if iPad 2 came out, Apple could leave this second slate with a dock connector both traditional and new ports for high-speed media transfer.

Via: Slashgear