Saturday, February 26, 2011

HTC Incredible S now will be available in the UK, obtained through Vodafone and O2.

After HTC Incredible S are available in Germany by Amazon Germany through Pre-ordernow HTC Incredible is available in the UK through Vodafone, Orange and O2.

This phone is available at Vodafone for free but must pass through a 2-year contract by 
£30 per month. Likewise, if obtained through the O2 to be with a 2-year contract are also free of charge at £ 25.53 per month, whereas if the Orange, there are no mechanisms to get and the price offered.

Meanwhile, according in a releaseHTC Incredible is starting to be delivered yesterday and will be available starting todayBesides through to all three, the Incredibel S is offered also through Amazon UK for 
£420, but that is without any contract.

Source: Vodafone, O2, Orange and Amazon UK.