Saturday, February 26, 2011

Apple iPhone 6 will support LTE 4G, but unfortunately Apple iPhone 5 does not support it.

It feels unfinished news about the iPhone 4 white certainty, and have not exhausted our surprise about the possible emergence of the iPhone 5now Apple 6 will re-emerge.

The emergence of the iphone 6 reported by The street, which also reported that the iPhone already supports this 6th LTE/4G networking. But Apple will release the new iPhone that supports LTE is around 2012, so it just be enjoyed for a long time.

Meanwhile, Apple will likely release a new iPhone this year, which is the iPhone 5. Unfortunately, the iPhone may not support 4G networks such as the iPhone 6,  that is according to Sam GreenHolt, an analyst of Telecom pragmatic.

As is known, the iPhone 5 will support, among others, with a 4 inch touchscreen, is equippied by dual-core processor, and the 8MP camera, which can take amazing pictures than other LTE mobile users.

Source: The Street.