Monday, February 21, 2011

Apple iPad 2 possibilities will soon appear, in addition, the ipad's selling price has been lowered.

The sale price of ipad carried by mobile operators in the UK is T-Mobile and Orange, already lowered some time ago. That means could be a signal that there will be new version of products that came out soon in the near future, iPad 2, if you follow the sales trends.

So far, Orange has sold iPad for £ 99 with bond contract 24 months, while T-Mobile also offers the same price to existing customers. PreviouslyOrange offers iPad WiFi + 3G worth £ 199.99 witha monthly contract of £ 25 for a long time customerand is offered at £ 229.99 for new customers by 27 pounds monthly contract. This means the new price offered each fall at least 100 pounds, whileT-Mobile only offer a discount to existing customers with £ 25 tariff for 24 months.

Meanwhile, Elton John was also once said, and expects that the iPad 2 for himself will be in April. Recently, Reuters has reported that the iPad seen at the launch of the Daily News earlier this month, followed by the WSJ February 8, which states that according to the source current iPad has been in full production stage.

As is known with the first version of the iPad announced in January last year 2010.

Source: Orange and T-mobile