Thursday, February 25, 2010

Palm's changelog of his official webOS 1.4

You know what is running? February. That is a bit alarming considering that Palm had promised to stop all new rockin 'of webOS, 1.4...

..before the month was out - but while we wait for this to actually happen, at least we got a change log of the official construction of the good people of precentral. In addition to a number of bug fixes, 1.4 is said to increase the yield on the phone and calendar applications, a handful of improvements in messaging, email, new sorting options, custom alert sounds for reminders and -- course - the addition of video recording and Flash support in the ERP. Interestingly, there is no Flash out of the box - you still have to download from the catalog, it seems. Head on over to precentral for the entire record, and read very, very slowly, if I get a few more days to wait in this area.