Monday, February 8, 2010

Big Question: For Apple iPad?

Can you save and transfer documents to the iPad? Now this is a big question for apple iPad. Anyone who uses an iPhone or iPod Touch with an office productivity app such as Quickoffice knows how frustrating it is to access Office documents..

You have to set up a wireless connection over a local Wi-Fi network, enter the IP address, and transfer the files, or you send the document via email on an Exchange account so that it can be opened as an attachment.

Apple says its "no save" restriction is meant to prevent malware from being placed on the iPhone or iPod Touch. I've never bought that argument, as the iPhone and iPod Touch allow you to save images to what is essentially a folder and sync those images via iTunes -- so why not other file types? Of course, that may be a loophole Apple is closing: The iPad's Photos app.. like the iWork for iPad app, appears to do away with saved photo files altogether, instead embedding them into the app itself.