Friday, October 16, 2009

The high-speed graphics 3GS bump iPhone

While many game developers ask how you deal with the high-speed graphics 3GS bump iPhone is Real Tech selected for some of the iPhone world in two: OpenGL 1.x and OpenGL 2.0. The Iron Fist in Boxing 3, iPhone 3G users will benefit from better graphics, thanks to bump-mapping and normal mapping, two rendering techniques that not even the PSP is compatible. In addition, the action is due to special effects like motion blur and the flowers are considered very popular game consoles. If you are on the energy and / or trying to get to 60 FPS concerned, so that you consume on the Open GL returning to iPhone 3GS, less energy. In this article I was interested especially in the development of graphics and as expected, the gap between the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS began immediately and will only grow more developers to use graphics functions. About the game itself, I'm going to play on other people's + test, or simply to acquire the testing / Lite version. Can not wait to see) their applications more GL 2.0 (a different picture + video in full post.