Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sony Ericsson C901 and NAITE Greenheart

At last “Sony Ericsson” is officially launching two new-fangled mobile phones, the C901 and the NAITE, that are designed to be more sustainable. And by ‘design’ Sony Ericsson means from end to end. From the fabric used, to the packaging and shipping to the recycling, the company wants this product to require 15% less carbon output, when compared to their previous model in the same category.

Now which category are we talking about!? That's the entry height, mass market, category. This is where Sony Ericsson thinks that it can make a bigger dissimilarity since of the sheer volume. There's no green advertising gimmick the company says the phones aren't accurately green, they look like usual phones and many customers won't even notice the handsets' green independence. 'People just want good quality phones'.